Single Review: Erasure – “Sunday Girl”

“Sunday Girl” is the second single from Erasure’s Light at the End of the World album. The artwork for this single is absolutely gorgeous; in fact, all the cover artwork from the Light at the End of the World era is some of the best Erasure cover art I’ve seen in several years.

The disc opens with “Sunday Girl [Radio Mix].” This is basically just a slightly more uptempo mix of the original album version. There is also “Sunday Girl [Extended 12″ Mix],” which is basically an extended version of the Radio Mix; this is definitely a straight-ahead, “old school” extended mix.

There are other remixes of “Sunday Girl” on the disc: the Riffs & Rays Club Edit and the Riffs & Rays Dub Edit. The Club Edit utilizes a “harder” bassline and attempts to turn “Sunday Girl” into a more “dance-friendly” song; the string sounds that appear in the mix help to give the mix a kind of 1970’s “disco” feel to it. The Dub Edit is a “dub version” of the Club Edit; the only vocals that appear in the track are the chorus. While there may not be a lot of vocal in the mix, it still beats the “hack and slash” remixes that were so prominent during the mid-1990’s. While the dub may be a little on the long side, it is a tolerable listen.

“Sunday Girl” also features a B-side called, “Take Me on a Highway.” This is a midtempo song, and it’s kind of reminiscent of Erasure’s material from the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. While listening to it, I could easily hear it being included alongside the songs from the Wild! album. It’s a good song, but it’s easy to see why it ended up being relegated to a B-side; sonically, it just wouldn’t have fit in with the rest of the material that appears on Light at the End of the World.

Overall, “Sunday Girl” is a pretty decent single. If you’re an Erasure fan, this is definitely worth getting.

Sunday Girl [Radio Mix]
Take Me on a Highway
Sunday Girl [Extended 12″ Mix]
Sunday Girl [Riffs & Rays Club Edit]
Sunday Girl [Riffs & Rays Dub Edit]

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