Band Review: The Cure

While The Cure have been around for nearly 30 years, my first exposure to them that I remember was back in 1989. That summer, I started hearing the song “Fascination Street” on my local top 40 radio station and I really liked the song. I also really liked the follow-up single, “Lovesong.” By the time their 1992 album, Wish, came out, I decided that I really liked the band after hearing “High” and “Friday I’m In Love.”

About three years later, I met my future husband, who exposed me to some of The Cure’s earlier material, and he also got me interested in their then-forthcoming album, Wild Mood Swings. My favorite songs from that album include “This Is A Lie,” “The 13th,” “Strange Attraction,” “Mint Car,” and “Gone!

Thanks to my husband, I’ve become much more familiar with the early material, and now some of those earlier songs are some of my favorites: “Killing an Arab,” “Fire In Cairo,” “Play For Today,” “A Forest,” “Faith,” “The Caterpillar,” “The Lovecats,” “Let’s Go to Bed,” “In Between Days,” “Kyoto Song,” “Close To Me,” “A Night Like This,” “Just Like Heaven,” “Why Can’t I Be You?,” “Lullaby,” “Pictures Of You,” and “A Letter To Elise” come to mind.

While The Cure haven’t been quite as prolific over the past ten years, the band is still putting out some quality material. In 1997, they released the greatest hits album, Galore!, which included the new song “Wrong Number.” I like “Wrong Number” and think that it’s a strong addition to The Cure’s catalog. In 2000, the band released the album, Bloodflowers. I have to admit that this isn’t one of my favorite albums by the band, and the main song that really stands out to me from it is “Maybe Someday”; this is probably due to the fact that it was probably one of the most commercial songs on that album.

One of my favorite songs from The Cure’s more recent material is “Cut Here,” which was a new song released on the Greatest Hits album. Frontman Robert Smith’s inspiration for the song was the loss of a friend, and this song perfectly exudes that sense of loss. Due to my own experiences, it’s also a song that I can relate to. “Just Say Yes,” another new song on Greatest Hits that featured Saffron from Republica, was a fun little number that I also enjoyed.

The Cure’s self-titled album from 2004 is the most recent that I’ve heard and remember from the band. It had some decent material, and my personal favorite songs on the album are “The End Of The World,” “alt.end,” and “Taking Off.”

While I appreciate the more recent material that The Cure has released, I feel that some of the earlier material was stronger. However, the more recent material is still an enjoyable listen.


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