DVD Review: Pet Shop Boys – “Cubism”

Cubism is a concert film for a show from the Pet Shop Boys’ concert tour to promote their sixteenth album, Fundamental. The film was shot at the duo’s show in Mexico City on November 14, 2006.

The booklet that’s included with the DVD is very well-done. One of the impressive features of the booklet is a nine page article that’s printed inside of it, which has the duo telling about stories and anecdotes from the tour. The article can be a bit of a long read, but it’s an interesting one.

The DVD itself contains the concert film, which runs for about 103 minutes. The Pet Shop Boys included a great mix of songs from Fundamental and older songs from their catalog. One of the most poignant moments in the film is the performance of the song “Dreaming of the Queen,” from their 1993 album, Very. While they perform the song, footage from right after Princess Diana’s funeral is shown on the screen behind them; this is definitely the most somber moment of the show. However, the set list is primarily made up from such upbeat numbers as “Left To My Own Devices,” “I’m With Stupid,” “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money),” “It’s A Sin,” “Psychological,” “Suburbia,” “Minimal,” “Heart,” “Integral,” “Flamboyant,” “Where the Streets Have No Name,” and “The Sodom and Gomorrah Show.”

Visually, the show was very interesting to watch. The main thing on the stage besides the duo and their backup singers and dancers were cubes that showed projections to serve as a backdrop for each number that was performed. The cubes were moved around and rearranged several times over the course of the concert, which created an interesting visual experience for the viewer.

For extras on the DVD, there is a short documentary about the Pet Shop Boys in Mexico. You need to have to subtitles on if you don’t know Spanish, because the documentary contains quite a few comments from fans that are in Spanish. There is also a photo gallery that runs for about two minutes; while the viewer doesn’t have any control over when the pictures change, the slideshow is set to the music that’s playing in the background. This slideshow is definitely one of the more interesting ones that I’ve seen on a DVD. There is also commentary of the concert film provided by Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe and David Barnard.

If you’re a fan of the Pet Shop Boys and enjoy watching their live performances, I would recommend purchasing this DVD. It’s a well-done DVD presentation of a great performance.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of the Cubism DVD that my husband purchased.


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