Single Review: Depeche Mode – “Soothe My Soul” (2-Track)

On May 14, 2013, Depeche Mode released the “Soothe My Soul” single in North America; this is the second single from their most recent album, Delta Machine. There were two pressings of the single released on this date: a two-track CD and a maxi CD. This review focuses on the two-track CD pressing of the single.

“Soothe My Soul” is one of the more upbeat and catchy songs on Delta Machine. The chorus of this song is especially catchy, and it features a nice trade-off in the vocals between Dave Gahan and Martin Gore.

The version of “Soothe My Soul” that appears on this CD is labeled as “Radio Edit,” which is three minutes and 57 seconds in length. This is a significant edit, since the original version of the song that appears on Delta Machine is five minutes and 22 seconds. When I first heard that “Soothe My Soul” would be the second single, I knew the album was a little long and on the repetitive side for a single, so I’m not surprised to see that a “Radio Edit” exists for the single. This edit works very nicely, and it’s hard to tell where any of the edits were made in order to shorten the song.

Instead of getting a B-side as the second track on this single, there is a remix of an album track from Delta Machine. Considering all of the extra material that was included in the deluxe pressing of the Delta Machine album, it’s not too surprising that there wasn’t an actual B-side for the “Soothe My Soul” single.

“Goodbye [Gesaffelstein Remix]” is shorter than the original song that was remixed; this remix is about four minutes in length, while the original version of “Goodbye” is a little over five minutes in length.

There is a heavier bassline that has been added to the song, which helps to add some life to the track and makes it a little more interesting to listen to. While “Goodbye” isn’t necessarily a bad song, it’s not one of my favorites from Delta Machine. Another thing this remix does is to help minimize the more obvious influences from the Songs of Faith and Devotion and Exciter eras that were evident on the original track.

If you’re a Depeche Mode fan, this two-track single is worth adding to your collection for both the radio edit of “Soothe My Soul” and the remix of “Goodbye.”

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of the “Soothe My Soul” two-track single that my husband purchased.


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