Single Review: Depeche Mode – “Soothe My Soul” (Maxi-Single)

On May 14, 2013, Depeche Mode released “Soothe My Soul,” the second single from their album, Delta Machine, in North America. There were two pressings released on this date: a two-track CD and a maxi CD. This review focuses on the maxi CD pressing of the single. All six tracks that appear on this disc are remixes of “Soothe My Soul.”

The first mix is the Steve Angello vs. Jacques Lu Cont Remix. This is the longest remix on the single, and it’s probably also the mix that is the “dance club” friendly. The main things that stood out to me was how much looping I was hearing the chorus vocals, and the fact that the intro and outro for the mix are on the lengthy side. While I understand that the lengthy intro and outro are needed to help the DJs in the dance clubs transition between songs, it’s still a little annoying to hear if you’re simply listening to the mix in the privacy of your own home. It’s not a bad mix; I would label this one more as a “tolerable” mix.

The second mix is the Tom Furse – The Horrors Remix. The tempo of this mix is much closer to the original track than any of the other remixes on this disc, but it does help to bring a nice interpretation of the musical side of the song. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the fact that only the vocals from the chorus were used for this mix. If this remix had utilized all of the vocals from the original song, this would have easily been my favorite mix on the disc. Unfortunately, the lack of vocals from the verses knocked this down to my second favorite mix on the CD.

Next is the Billy F Gibbons and Joe Hardy Remix, which features Billy Gibbons, the guitarist for ZZ Top. There are occasional spots in the mix where you can hear Gibbons playing guitar; personally, I thought this added an interesting element to the mix. However, I know that the diehard synthpop fans that listen to Depeche Mode will probably hate the added guitar parts and won’t enjoy this mix. For me, when all is said and done, this was probably the best remix on the disc. Not only does the mix bring in a new element, but it actually uses all of the vocals from the original track.

This is followed by the Joris Delacroix Mix, which is by far the most forgettable remix on this entire disc. The mix introduces a heavy and monotonous bassline, which is heard for the majority of the track. The most interesting points in the mix arrive at the around the two minute mark and the four minute mark, when there’s a break for the bassline. It also didn’t help that this remix was almost seven minutes in length, and I found myself feeling bored as I listened to it, and I couldn’t wait for it to finish so I could move on to the next remix.

Next is the Black Asteroid Mix, and this is by far the worst remix on the entire CD. The mix utilizes a very loud, annoying, and monotonous bassline. There is also distortion used on the vocals, but this distortion detracts from the mix instead of enhancing it. Overall, it feels like someone was trying to create an industrial sounding mix of “Soothe My Soul” and failed miserably at it. This mix ended up being a headache inducing mess, and it is not enjoyable to listen to.

The final mix on the disc is the Gregor Tresher Soothed Remix. While I have to give the remixer credit for trying to do something different with the song musically by slowing down the tempo of the song; unfortunately, I didn’t think the end result worked as well as it could have. One of my major issues was the fact that there were a couple of times that the percussion and the vocals didn’t work together well.

I have to say that while this maxi-single wasn’t necessarily bad, it wasn’t necessarily that good, either. As a whole unit, this single is just kind of “there” and is rather forgettable overall. Personally, I would recommend the maxi-single of “Soothe My Soul” to the die-hard Depeche Mode fans who want to own every version of every Depeche Mode song that exists.

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of the “Soothe My Soul” maxi-single that my husband and I purchased.


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