Single Review: Amelia’s Fault featuring Color Theory – “Colder”

Amelia’s Fault is a new project that is a collaboration between Swedish songwriter/producer Matt Eriksson, English songwriter Richard Hymas, and American lyricist Charlie Mason. In their promotional write-up, their music is described as “dark and atmospheric electropop.”

“Colder” is the collaboration’s first single, which has been released by Ninthwave Records. This song features guest vocals by Brian Hazard, who records music under the name of Color Theory.

I watched the video for the song that Amelia’s Fault made available for viewing on YouTube. After hearing the song, I can definitely agree that “Colder” has an atmospheric sound; however, I’m not really sure I would go so far as to say that it sounds “dark” per se. I think this atmospheric sound works really well for the track, and that Color Theory’s vocals perfectly complement the music.

Thematically, the song can appear to be a love song on the surface if you’re not intently listening to the words. However, if you listen closely to what’s actually being said, it’s a song from the point of view of a speaker who has gone through the end of a relationship. What I ultimately got out of the song after hearing it is that the speaker doesn’t want to remember how the other person in the relationship became “colder” as it came to an end.

The visuals for the video are interesting, and a lot of the lyrics are shown on the screen; this can probably help a listener pick up on the meaning of the song a lot easier than if they’re just simply listening to the song. The video is a bit more on the “darker” side, more so than the actual music in the song.

“Colder” is really an enjoyable listen, and I think it can be greatly appreciated by listeners that enjoy atmospheric electropop. I also think that listeners who are familiar with Color Theory before listening to this song will also enjoy “Colder.”

You can check out the song for yourself by watching the “Colder” video on YouTube. If you watch it, feel free to sound off on both the song and the video in the comments.


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