Song Review: Blind Melon – “No Rain”

“No Rain” was originally released as a single in 1992, but it became a big hit for the band in 1993. While the song itself is a good song, I believe it’s ultimately remembered much more for its music video than for the actual song.

The video features a little girl dressed up as a bee (who has become referred to as the “Bee Girl” character), who likes to tap dance while wearing her bee costume. At the beginning of the video, she’s dancing on stage, but is laughed at when her routine finishes. She runs off the stage in tears, and wanders through the city, performing her dance for anyone who will watch. With the shots of her running through the city after being shown performing, it can be assumed that she’s laughed at every time she does her dance. However, near the end of the video, she finds a group of “bee people” dancing in a field; she joins in and has a great time.

As a viewer, I can’t help but feel sorry for the “Bee Girl” because of how she’s treated by most of the other people she encounters during the video. The issues the “Bee Girl” faces in the video are just as valid today as they were when the video was made nearly 20 years ago.

Sadly, Shannon Hoon, the leader singer for Blind Melon, died from a drug overdose about two years after “No Rain” was a big hit.


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