Song Review: Blind Melon – “Tones of Home”

“Tones of Home” was originally released as a single in 1992 to promote the band’s self-titled album. The song peaked at number 20 on the Billboard modern rock track. After “No Rain” became a big hit in 1993, “Tones of Home” was re-released with a new video. I’ve embedded the second version of the video below, which features an older woman sitting in a rocking chair, and she pulls something familiar out of a box…

Unfortunately, while “Tones of Home” performed well on the modern rock chart when it was re-released, it didn’t perform at pop radio. Unfortunately, I think pop radio was wanting another song like “No Rain” as a follow-up, and ultimately they didn’t get it. While “Tones of Home” is a good song, it’s not commercial.

Earlier this year, I was finally able to hear all of Blind Melon’s self-titled album. There are a lot of good songs on it, but none of them are as catchy or as commercial as “No Rain” was. “No Rain” is a good song, but it really stands out when compared to the rest of the material on the album. In the end, “No Rain” became both a blessing and a curse for the band. While “No Rain” gave the band mainstream exposure and some notoriety, the mainstream audience ended up not being interested in any other songs released by Blind Melon.


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