Song Review: Matthew Sweet – “Girlfriend”

“Girlfriend” was the title song from the album that Matthew Sweet released in 1991. The single was released in October 1991, but didn’t seem to receive any attention in the mainstream until late in 1991/early in 1992. The song itself is a strong pop-alternative track, but what ultimately brought the song attention in the mainstream was its music video.

The video uses footage from a 1980s anime film titled, Space Adventure Cobra. Since anime wasn’t as common in the early 1990s as it is today, this made the music video for “Girlfriend” really stand out compared to other music videos that were getting rotation on MTV. I already had some interest in anime from watching Star Blazers, Voltron, and Robotech was a kid, so this video really piqued my interest and I was always curious about seeing the film that this footage came from.

It took about 20 years after the “Girlfriend” music video came out, but I finally got to see Space Adventure Cobra. Thanks to a company called Discotek Media acquiring the license for the film, it’s now readily available in North America. Earlier this year, I bought the DVD so I could finally see this film. All I can say is that the Space Adventure Cobra movie is a bit strange. Of course, it probably didn’t help that I was being distracted when I recognized footage from the “Girlfriend” video!


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