Song Review: The Smashing Pumpkins – “Today”

“Today” was the second single released from The Smashing Pumpkins’ 1993 album, Siamese Dream. Egads! Here’s another album that’s turning 20 years old this year. This is making me feel kind of old. šŸ˜›

Musically, “Today” is such an upbeat song; however, the actual lyrics of the song are darker than the music would lead you to believe. I mean, if you don’t listen to the words closely enough, then you don’t truly “get” the song. This is a song that lead singer Billy Corgan wrote about a day that he was having suicidal thoughts. Even with the subject matter of this song, I still enjoy “Today” quite a bit.

The music video for this song always confused me when I saw it on MTV during the time the song was popular. At the time, it just seemed weird for Billy Corgan to be driving around in the middle of nowhere in an ice cream truck. When the band released a music video collection on DVD in 2001, my husband and I purchased it; when we got to the “Today” video, we were quite surprised to find that there was an intro that MTV cut out when they aired it. It shows Billy doing his job as an ice cream man and he becomes disillusioned with what he’s doing; so, he takes off in the ice cream truck and goes for a drive out in the middle of nowhere. Seeing that intro helped the video to make a little more sense.

I just watched a stream of the video on YouTube, and the thing that really grabbed my attention was the band painting the ice cream truck. They sure looked like they were having a lot of fun!


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