Song Review: Cause & Effect – “It’s Over Now (It’s Alright)”

“It’s Over Now (It’s Alright)” was released as a single from Cause & Effect’s 1994 album, Trip. This song peaked at number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100; to me, it’s a little disappointing that it didn’t perform better. However, the song did reach number seven on Billboard‘s modern rock tracks.

One of the things that really stands out in this song is the sound near the beginning that almost sounds like police sirens. Whenever we listen to this song in our vehicle, we have to remind ourselves that the sirens are in the song, and that we aren’t hearing sirens outside.

I first heard Cause & Effect in 1992, when their single, “You Think You Know Her” was receiving airplay on Top 40 radio. I like “You Think You Know Her,” but I have to admit that you can clearly hear the New Order and Depeche Mode influences on the song. When “It’s Over Now (It’s Alright)” was released, it proved that Cause & Effect was more than just a band trying to capture the 1980s synthpop sound. With “It’s Over Now,” Cause & Effect was proving that they were coming into their own and were finding their own sound.


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