Song Review: Garbage – “Queer”

“Queer” was the second single released internationally for Garbage’s self-titled album from 1995; however, it was the fourth single released for the album in the UK.

I first heard this song after my husband (who was my boyfriend back in 1995) had bought both pressings of the “Queer” single, which he bought primarily because Martin Gore from Depeche Mode had done a remix of the song that appeared on one of the pressings of the single. I have to admit that I didn’t fall in love with the song instantly when I first heard it, but it really grew on me the more I heard it.

The music video was nominated for Breakthrough Video at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards; unfortunately, it didn’t win the award. The video is interesting, yet a little strange at times. The vast majority of the video is in black and white, and there’s quite a bit of the video where the camera follows lead singer Shirley Manson with the occasional transition or the occasional use of effects. I just finished watching the video on YouTube, and there’s a color section right at the very end that I don’t remember; I suspect MTV might have cut that out when they aired it. In some respects, I thought this color section really didn’t add anything to the video. Even with that, it’s still a visually interesting music video.


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