Album Review: Darren Hayes – “Spin”

Spin is the debut solo album for Darren Hayes, the former lead singer of Savage Garden, and it was released in 2002.

Lead-off single “Insatiable” is a ballad that uses strings and has a hint of a Latin feel. It’s a good song, although its main flaw is an overly-long ending.

“Crush (1980 Me)” is the standout track on the album; it’s the most uptempo song on Spin, and is heavily influenced by the 1980s for both the lyrics and the music. “Crush (1980 Me)” is easily my favorite song on the whole album, and I get a kick out of hearing Darren making various references to the 1980s in the lyrics.

Most of the other songs on Spin are either midtempos or ballads. “I Miss You” is one of the best ballads on the album, and it was released as a single. Unfortunately, this song didn’t get any attention in the United States after “Insatiable” didn’t perform very well on the American charts. As I recall, “Insatiable” was the only song promoted from the album in the United States, although there were additional singles released elsewhere.

My favorite songs on the CD are: “Strange Relationship,” “Insatiable,” “I Miss You,” “Creepin’ Up on You,” “Crush (1980 Me),” and “Spin.”

Spin is an enhanced CD, and the enhanced portion includes a link to a multimedia page; this page had streaming audio and lyrics for the album. At one point, there were three songs on the site that weren’t available on the album: “Where You Want to Be,” “When You Say You Love Me,” and “Lift Me Up [Demo].”

Overall, there are some good songs on Spin, but Darren focused a little too heavily on ballads.  Also, a number of the songs on the album had drawn-out endings that really didn’t add much to the material in the long run. If there were more a sonic variety to the album, and if the endings of a lot of the songs had been shortened, I would have liked this CD a lot better. It’s not that Spin is a bad album, but it could have been a little bit stronger.

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of Spin that my husband and I purchased.

(written by Lesley Aeschliman on November 18, 2002)


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