EP Review: Nayer – “First Kiss”

First Kiss is an EP released by Nayer back in 2002, about nine years before she was featured on Pitbull’s number one single, “Give Me Everything.” The first track on the disc is “Talkin’ Crazy,” a mid-tempo song featuring Latin horns and percussion, as well as raps by Pop Dog. The song is about a man making moves on a woman, with the woman wondering what is on the man’s mind. Musically and lyrically, this song is rather redundant.

“First Kiss” is the second track on the disc. It is an uptempo dance song about a girl finding out a guy has had a crush on her, and how she falls in love with their first kiss. The chorus has the speaker asking, “Do you wanna be with me?” after this kiss. “First Kiss” was the song I was hearing on KNHC C89.5 FM in Seattle, and the main reason my husband and I purchased this EP in the first place.

“No Longer There” is a slower track which features an uncredited male vocalist. The song is about someone trying to move on after a relationship is over. Nayer only sings the chorus; the verses are rapped by the male vocalist. This makes you wonder who’s song this is — Nayer’s or the male vocalist’s? Personally, I wasn’t terribly impressed with this track.

“Primer Beso” is a Spanish version of “First Kiss.” Musically, they are the same; however, Nayer sings in Spanish. “Talkin’ Crazy (Locuras de Amor)” is a Spanish version of “Talkin’ Crazy” with Nayer singing in Spanish; instead of Pop Dog’s raps, there is a section where Nayer does some spoken lines in Spanish.

The disc closes with “First Kiss [DJ Fluid’s “Kiss” Remix].” The only differences from the original are that the bassline is a little more intense, there is more distortion on the vocals, and the first few lines are slowed down and used as part of the intro.

Overall, I thought that First Kiss was a disappointing EP. In my opinion, the only tracks that make this item worthwhile are the three versions of “First Kiss.” However, now that she has a little more name recognition through her contribution on “Give Me Everything,” this EP might be worth tracking down if you liked her performance on Pitbull’s song.

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of the First Kiss EP that my husband and I purchased.

(written by Lesley Aeschliman on February 8, 2003)


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