Single Review: Deborah Gibson – “Your Secret”

“Your Secret” was a single released from Deborah Gibson’s 2001 album, M.Y.O.B. This disc includes a radio edit of “Your Secret,” as well as five remixes; all the remixes on the disc were done by Mike Rizzo.

The single opens with the “Pop Radio Mix,” which is an edit of the album version of “Your Secret.” I feel this edit is rather awkward; personally, I would have cut the opening vocals from the track, and started with the instrumental that follows. I like the feel of the album version, and always felt this song had the most potential as a single.

The “Hot Vocal Radio Mix” removes the “Latin influence” of the original track, and replaces it with an electronic/synth sound. I have to admit that this arrangement makes the song more friendly for the dance clubs; unfortunately, removing that “Latin influence” does strip away some of the character and soul of the original song. Even saying this, I believe that the “Hot Vocal Radio Mix” is probably the best remix on this single.

The “Short Vocal Radio Mix” is a slightly different music track from the “Hot Vocal Radio Mix”; the most major difference seems to be a heavier bassline is used in this mix than in the “Hot Vocal Radio Mix.” If it wasn’t for this heavier bassline, there wouldn’t be any different between this and the “Hot Vocal Radio Mix.”

The “Squeaky Clean Intro Mix” cuts the opening vocal intro of the song, and the bassline at the beginning of the track is noticeably different from the previous two mixes. However, once you progress beyond the opening, there’s not much musically to differentiate the “Squeaky Clean Intro Mix” from the previous two remixes that appeared on this single.

The “Secret Party Mix” takes too long to get started, and the repeated, distorted “I don’t wanna”s are annoying. Just when you think the vocals are going to start, it goes back to instrumental again before the vocals actually kick in. The mix also takes too long to end; I feel the track would be stronger if it was shorter. However, I do have to get this mix some credit; while it has one or two of the sonic elements that appeared in the previous remixes, it still manages to sound at least somewhat unique.

“Deb’s Dark Dub” sounds like the “Secret Party Mix,” but the only vocals are the distorted “I don’t wanna”s.

Overall, I feel the mixes sound too similar, and this hampers my enjoyment of listening to this single. Personally, I think that either Mike Rizzo needed to vary the music of the mixes a bit more, or that one or two other remixers needed to be brought in to remix “Your Secret” to avoid the “sameness” problem. I hate to say this, but it feels like when it comes to these remixes, that Mike Rizzo just “phoned it in.”

If you’re a Deborah Gibson fan who either has to own every version of her song that exists, or have to own everything she has released, then this might be worth adding to your music collection. However, if you don’t fall into either one of those categories, then this is a single you can safely avoid, because you’re really not missing much.

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of the “Your Secret” single that my husband and I purchased.

(written by Lesley Aeschliman on November 4, 2002)


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