Single Review: Madonna – “Die Another Day”

“Die Another Day,” produced by Madonna and Mirwais, is the theme for the James Bond film of the same name. However, this song does not sound like one of the “typical” Bond themes.

The “Radio Edit” is a shortened verison of the song. This is a great dance track, but I don’t entirely like how the vocoder was used. But the strings that are included during the instrumental break add a nice touch.

The “Dirty Vegas Main Mix” is the longest mix on the single. The main body of the mix is pretty good; however, it takes too long to start, and too long to end. I probably would have liked this mix better if an edited version had been released that trimmed down the intro and outtro.

Felix Da Housecat mixed “Thee RetroLectro Mix,” which is the third track on the disc. The music in the mix doesn’t change much, and it becomes annoying. Vocally, the mix focuses primarily on the chorus; the vocals from the verses that do appear in the mix are over-processed. This mix also feels like it takes too long to end.

The “Thunderpuss Club Mix” gets stuck in a groove, and never really varies. This mix relies on stuttering and repeating the vocals; unfortunately, both of these tricks become annoying rather quickly. The ending of the mix is also repetitive, which makes it feel longer than it actually is. This mix would have been stronger if it was shorter and didn’t overuse its elements.

The “Deepsky Remix” is the best mix on the single, and it feels like it’s two minutes shorter than it actually is. Madonna’s vocals are processed, but they are still listenable. Of all the mixes on the disc, this one utilizes a lot from the original; this mix actually utilizes the strings from the instrumental breakdown.

“Brother Brown’s Bond-Age Club,” mixed by Henrik Olsen and Atle Thorberg, is the most boring mix on the single. Musically and vocally, nothing stands out; the length of the mix only helps to reinforce the fact that nothing stands out in this mix. This remix is repetitive, and it takes way too long to end.

I would only recommend the “Die Another Day” single to die-hard Madonna fans who have to own either every item or every version of every song she has released. However, for the more casual fan who wants a copy of the song, I would recommend getting either the Die Another Day soundtrack or the American Life album.

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of the “Die Another Day” single that my husband and I purchased.

(written by Lesley Aeschliman on October 24, 2002)


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