Single Review: P.M. Dawn – “Amnesia”

“Amnesia” was a single released by P.M. Dawn in 2002. At the time the single was released, it was being touted as the lead-off single for an album titled, The Jim Sullivan Syndrome. However, the album was never released, and I’ve never heard why The Jim Sullivan Syndrome never saw the light of day.

“Amnesia” sounds inspired by “old school” soul songs from the 1970s and early 1980s, and features some very good vocal harmonies. From what I’ve read, it appears “Amnesia” samples Wings’ “Arrow Through Me.” After listening to the Wings song, I would definitely agree that not only was there a specific sample, but that the vibe of “Amnesia” was also inspired by this song.

“Amnesia” is a mid-to-uptempo song about seeing yourself in someone else, but at the same time, not truly knowing yourself. Near the end of the song, there are “record scratch” sounds; the last line of vocal is distorted, and the song ends with a very abrupt fade out. Overall, “Amnesia” is a very good song, but some slight modifications to the ending of the song would make it even stronger. While “Amnesia” may not be another “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” or “Looking Through Patient Eyes,” it’s still a good and enjoyable track.

“Being Nowhere,” the next track on the single, is an exclusive B-side, which also has an “old school” soul sound to it. However, unlike “Amnesia,” this song is a ballad. Thematically, the lyrics are about a relationship that is standing still and not progressing anywhere. This is not a bad track, but the last minute or so becomes rather redundant and drags the song down.

The last track on the single is an instrumental of “Amnesia.” Some background vocals do appear in the instrumental, however (basically, some “ooh”s).

Overall, this is a decent single, and should be in a collection of a P.M. Dawn fan. However, if you’re looking for the next “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss,” then perhaps this single is not for you.

I wrote this review after listening to a copy of the “Amnesia” single that my husband and I purchased.

(written by Lesley Aeschliman on January 13, 2003)


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