Song Review: Seduction – “Two to Make It Right”

“Two to Make It Right” was the third single to be released from Seduction’s album, Nothing Matters Without Love, and it was released on November 30, 1989.

Seduction started out as a studio project, with the first single, “Seduction” (later renamed “Seduction’s Theme”) with vocals done by Carol Cooper. The second single, “(You’re My One and Only) True Love,” featured uncredited vocals by Martha Wash from The Weather Girls; this became such an unexpected hit that producers Robert Clivillés and David Cole assembled a trio of girls with the appeal they wanted (April Harris, Michelle Visage, and Idalis Deleon) to become Seduction and promote the single. Harris lip-synched to Martha Wash’s vocals in the video and for television performances. In mid-1990 Deleon left the group and was replaced by Sinoa Loren.

“Two to Make It Right” was the group’s most successful single, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. They managed to have two more singles that had some degree of success, but then in late 1990, it was revealed that Seduction was being sued by Martha Wash for not giving her credit for her contribution to “(You’re My One and Only) True Love” and trying to make it appear that Harris performed the vocals because of her appearance in the music video. Wash was able to successfully sue to receive proper credit, and appropriate royalties, as the vocalist on not only this song by Seduction, but on “Everybody Everybody” by Black Box and “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C + C Music Factory.

Needless to say, this brought Seduction’s career to a halt, and the trio disbanded in 1991.

I have to admit that even with the lip-synching scandal, I still do enjoy Seduction’s material. “Two to Make It Right” was catchy back in late 1989 and early 1990, and it’s still pretty darn catchy now. It does also “borrow” a little bit from other songs, such as the hook from Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two” (which in itself was a sample of Lyn Collins’ “Think (About It),” as well as the phrase “turn this mutha out” from the MC Hammer song of the same name. Wikipedia is also claiming the song borrows from The Art of Noise’s cover of Prince’s “Kiss,” but I’ve never picked up on that; I may have to take another listen later and see if I can find that borrowing.

Anyway, “Two to Make It Right” is still a fun song that’s got a great beat and you can dance to it.

The music video definitely screams “late 1980s,” though, especially with the bright-colored clothing the girls wear and their hairstyles. It’s also on the cheesy side, but after realizing how the trio came together in the first place, it’s understandable why the video was so cheap and cheesy.


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