Song Review: Skid Row – “I Remember You”

“I Remember You” was released as the third and final single from Skid Row’s self-titled album. The single was released on November 18, 1989 and it peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This was one of the power ballads that became popular during my freshman year of high school. I’d heard “18 And Life,” the previous single, just a few months earlier and absolutely loved it. I remember when I first heard “I Remember You” that I liked it immediately. I think it was a combination of Sebastian Bach’s vocal delivery and the feel of the music that ultimately grabbed my attention. Listening to this about 25 years later, I realize that unlike many of the power ballads released by the hair metal bands of the late 1980s, “I Remember You” really doesn’t sound that dated. To me, it’s a song that’s really withstood the test of time and is just as strong and poignant now as it was when it was originally released.

The music video for the song also helped with my appreciation for the song back in late 1989/early 1990. It’s a video that intercuts footage of the band with scenes of a downtrodden man wandering the streets and looking at photographs of his ex-girlfriend. After stumbling upon Skid Row performing the song in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, the guy comes to realize that he needs to find the strength to move on from his failed relationship. It’s a rather simple story that’s being told in the video, but I think that the audience is able to feel empathy for the character due to his situation being so relatable.


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