10 Best Halloween Songs

Halloween is seen as a time of spooky sights and sounds, and the music associated with the holiday is no exception. These are the songs that, in my opinion, best capture the mood and the spirit of Halloween.

“The Addams Family” Theme Song: Even though this song sounds dated, it’s the theme song for a television show that features a cast of characters one would associate with the Halloween season. Halloween would definitely be the perfect time to listen this one.

Aqua – “Halloween”: While Aqua is best known for their song, “Barbie Girl,” the group recorded this song for their second album, Aquarius. The song opens with a female receiving a stalking phone call from a creepy-sounding male voice. The lyrics to this song make many references to Halloween, as well as to elements from the horror genre. While this may be a more upbeat, bubbly pop song, it still contains a Halloween spirit.

Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show – “The Time Warp”: The film The Rocky Horror Picture Show really does have Halloween written all over it, even if it’s not really set at that time of year; the film has been shown on television on Halloween over the years, so that really helps to cement a Halloween connection. “The Time Warp” is definitely the most well-known song from the film, and its connection with the film gives it credence to be considered a Halloween song.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – “Nightmare on My Street”: This is an upbeat, fun, “old school” rap song that contains a lot of references to Jason and the Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise. While Halloween itself may never be mentioned in this song, it still should be considered a Halloween song.

Michael Jackson – “Thriller”: This Michael Jackson classic has become very strongly associated with the Halloween season. The lyrics of this song evoke the imagery and sounds associated with classic films of the horror genre to the listener. Also, the inclusion of horror film legend Vincent Price in the song lends even more credence to “Thriller” being a song for the Halloween season.

Ministry – “Everyday is Halloween”: This song was recorded during the band’s early years, so it doesn’t sound anywhere near as aggressive as Ministry’s later material. However, with the title, “Everyday is Halloween,” it really does warrant being considered a Halloween song.

Ray Parker Jr. – “Ghostbusters”: This song is best known for being the theme song for the film, Ghostbusters. While this may be an upbeat and bubbly pop song that sounds dated, it still can be seen as a Halloween song since it has a lot of references to ghosts.

Bobby “Boris” Picket – “Monster Mash”: This song is definitely a “gimme” when it comes to a list of Halloween songs. Even though the song itself may sound a little cheesy and dated, the theme of the song and its lyrics are very appropriate for the Halloween season.

The Who – “Boris the Spider”: While the song itself may not be connected to Halloween, it’s about a creature that is strongly associated with the holiday. And since some people do have a fear of spiders, it makes sense to consider this one as a Halloween song.

Warren Zevon – “Werewolves of London”: The werewolf is another creature that is connected with the Halloween holiday. Therefore, it makes sense to consider this song a Halloween song, even if there aren’t any blatant references to the holiday in its lyrics.


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