Good Wedding Anniversary Songs

Tomorrow, my husband and I are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, I’m posting a list of four songs that I believe work well as songs for a wedding anniversary.

First, there is “In This Afterglow” by an artist named Color Theory, which is from his 2002 album, Something Beautiful. Some of the lines in the very first verse make this a very appropriate anniversary song: “We must look so old-fashioned / I never thought that I’d end up this way / Happy to surrender / Marry you again and again / Linger in the flow / In this afterglow.” The soft piano sound, combined with the vocals, make this an excellent anniversary song.

Another song I would put into this category is Deborah Gibson’s “For Better or Worse,” from her 1995 album, Think With Your Heart. This was actually mine and my husband’s wedding song, and it is a great wedding song; but I also believe this song works just as well for an anniversary. I think the second verse is the best illustration of why this is a good anniversary song: “You could leave me stranded / Or hold me with your eyes / Come home empty handed / Or with a brilliant surprise / You could sing me love songs / Or just make me blue / Life’s blessing, life’s curse / For better or worse / I’m with you.”

I would also include Roxette’s “I Was So Lucky,” from their 1999 album, Have a Nice Day. It’s very much a song about being grateful for someone to come into the speaker’s life, especially in a romantic sense. One of the best parts of the song to illustrate that is: “I was so lucky you came by and turned a different corner / It could have been someone else you had in mind, oh my / I was so lucky you picked me.”

My final choice for an anniversary song would be Elton John’s “Your Song” from his 1969 self-titled album. At first, this might seem that this song might be more appropriate for a wedding song; however, I think the last couple of lines in the chorus really make this work as an anniversary song: “I hope you don’t mind that I put down into words / How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”


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