Song Review: Roxette – “Dangerous”

“Dangerous” was released as the final single from Roxette’s Look Sharp! album. The single was released at the end of 1989, and peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

I was 14 years old and in the ninth grade when this single was released. I’d fallen in love with Roxette after hearing “The Look,” their breakout song in the United States, earlier that year, and I continued enjoying their music with “Dressed For Success” and “Listen to Your Heart.” It’s no wonder, then, that I also really liked “Dangerous” when it was released as a single. And what isn’t there to like about it? It’s an upbeat, fun, and catchy song. I can also say that this song, along with many of the song on Look Sharp! stand the test of time, because the music doesn’t sound “dated.” It’s not like you can listen to one of the singles from Look Sharp! and automatically tell that it originally came out in the later 1980s.

The music video is a mixture of rehearsal footage and a concert performance, with some shots intercut of Per with his guitar sitting next to TV screens with footage of Marie playing on them. The video doesn’t sound like much from this description, but it’s more of an interesting watch than it seems. Marie and Per both seem to be enjoying themselves in the rehearsal and concert footage, and I’ve always liked the shots that include Marie on the TV screens.


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