Song Review: The B-52’s – “Love Shack”

“Love Shack” was released as the second single from The B-52’s 1989 album, Cosmic Thing album. The single was released on June 20, 1989, and went on to peak at number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

The single was released in June of 1989, but it didn’t really seem to build traction on pop until a couple of months later. I remember this song getting a lot of airplay around August or so, with the song reaching its peak in popularity early on in my freshman year of high school. I have to admit that at the time, I didn’t care all that much for the song. I wasn’t familiar with any of The B-52’s earlier material, and I just didn’t “get” this song back then. About a year or two later, after hearing songs like “Roam,” “Deadbeat Club,” and “Good Stuff,” I was able to go back and listen to “Love Shack” and realize that it was a much better song than I’d given it credit for; in fact, “Love Shack” has since become one my favorite songs from 1989. It’s amazing how opinions can over time.

The music video sees The B-52’s performing in a “funky little shack” that’s “set way back in the middle of a field.” Yeah, it’s pretty much a literal interpretation of the song, but I honestly don’t think the video could have been done any other way. “Love Shack” tells a story, and the video needed to illustrate that story. It’s definitely a memorable video, though!


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