Song Review: Bad English – “Price Of Love”

“Price Of Love” was released as the third single from Bad English’s 1989 self-titled album. The single went on to peak at number five on the Billboard Hot 100.

I was 14 years old and in the ninth grade when this single was released as the follow-up to “When I See You Smile.” While “Price Of Love” may have been another power ballad, it had a couple of elements that helped to differentiate it from “When I See You Smile.” Musically, “Price of Love” has a much stronger focus on guitars than “When I See You Smile.” Lyrically, “Price Of Love” isn’t quite as celebratory; here, the lyrics include references to the fact that the relationship being talked about has had some issues in it that the people involved try to work out in order to stay together. As a teenager, what grabbed me about this song was the lyrics, John Waite’s vocal delivery, and how they worked together with the musical arrangement. 25 years later, I still enjoy this song as much as I did then; and as an adult, I think I have an even greater appreciation for what the song is saying than I did when I was 14.

The music video intercuts footage of the band performing with John Waite lip-synching the words in various locations. This is another video where I wish that some kind of a storyline that goes along with the song could have been included, because I think it would have made the video stronger. It’s not that “Price Of Love” has a bad video, but the footage of John Waite has never entirely worked for me; it probably would have been stronger if it had basically been a performance video like “When I See You Smile” was.


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