Song Review: Kiss – “Forever”

“Forever” was released as the second single from Kiss’ 1989 album, Hot in the Shade. The single was released on January 5, 1990 and peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

My first memory of Kiss was seeing the video for “Reason to Live” on MTV in 1987, back when I was in junior high. Admittedly, it didn’t leave a big impression on me at the time, so I was surprised when I saw the video for “Hide Your Heart,” the lead-off single from Hot in the Shade on MTV. I fell in love with that song right away, and so that opened the door to me giving “Forever” a chance when it was released. “Forever” is an exceptional power ballad, and it’s still one of my favorite Kiss songs to this day. While the theme of the song was something I could dream of as a 14-year-old ninth grader at the time it was released, the sentiment and theme is something I can truly understand now that I’ve been married for 18 years.

The music video is just the band performing in a room, but the ambience and feel of the video is actually rather interesting. The band is shown as being in black and white, but the light shining through into the room is in color. The contrast this creates is visually stunning and interesting. But a straight-forward performance video works well with the feel of the song; this is a case where trying to intercut a storyline wouldn’t have strengthened it visually.


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