Song Review: Luther Vandross – “Here And Now”

“Here And Now” was one of two new songs to be included on Luther Vandross’ 1989 greatest hits album, The Best of Luther Vandross… The Best of Love. The single was released in September 1989, and peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

I was 14 years old and in the ninth grade when this single was released. I have to admit that at the time “Here And Now” was released and receiving airplay on pop radio, I didn’t know anything about Luther and the song didn’t do much for me. It probably didn’t help that my primary exposure to the song was through listening to Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40, since my local Top 40 radio station didn’t play this song in their regular rotation. But about a year later, when Luther released “Power of Love/Love Power,” I loved that song and started gaining an interest in Luther and his material. Hearing “Here And Now” a few years later, I realized that it was a great R&B ballad, and now I absolutely love this song. It probably also helped that when I finally heard “Here and Now” again, I was in a relationship and could better understand what the song’s message was. Luther also has a great vocal performance on this song.

I saw the music video for the first time before writing this up, and I have to say that it looks gorgeous. I love the animation in this, because it gives the viewer the effect of seeing watercolor paintings come to life. It was even more impressive in the few shots of seeing people interacting in this animated environment. The feel and aesthetic of the video really works with the sound of the song.


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