Song Review: A’me Lorain – “Whole Wide World”

“Whole Wide World” was released as a single from A’me Lorain’s 1989 album, Starring in… Standing in a Monkey Sea and it was also appeared on the soundtrack for the film, True Love. The single was released in early 1990 and peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100.

I wasd 14 years old and in the ninth grade when this single was released. It’s such a fun, catchy, and upbeat song that it’s really no wonder why I fell in love with it immediately. “Whole Wide World” would definitely be among not my only my favorite dance songs that were released when I was in the ninth grade, it would also rank up there among my favorite songs from that school year period. Unfortunately, A’me Lorain would end up becoming one of the one-hit wonders of the 1990s; the follow-up single, “Follow My Heartbeat,” failed to make any kind of impact on the charts. “Follow My Heartbeat” wasn’t a bad song, but it was nowhere near as catchy or memorable as “Whole Wide World” was.

The music video is very colorful between the backgrounds and the various patterns in the clothing that people in the video wear. It’s a fun video, but also very cheesy; it definitely hasn’t withstood the test of time. One thing I really noticed when I watched it shortly before writing this, is how the background in many of the shots are moving as people are dancing in front of it. I didn’t notice this so much when the video was in rotation on MTV 25 years ago, but I definitely noticed it now. It was so noticeable, in fact, that I almost felt dizzy while watching this video. I also have to add that something I thought back then, and something I still feel 25 years later, is the fact that A’me Lorain has a resemblance to Debbie Gibson in this video. In the end, I still love this song, but the video just doesn’t do it for me now.


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