Song Review: Corey Hart – “A Little Love”

“A Little Love” was released as the lead-off single for Corey Hart’s 1990 album, Bang! The single was released in early 1990 and peaked at number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “A Little Love” is the last pop hit that Corey Hart had in the United States.

I was in the ninth grade and about to turn 15 years old when this single was released. I’d liked some of Corey’s earlier material, such as “Sunglasses At Night” and “Never Surrender,” so it’s not surprising that I ended up liking “A Little Love” as well. It’s a fun, upbeat pop rock song that has a catchy chorus. At the time, it surprised me that the song didn’t fare better on the pop chart, but looking back, I can hear that it didn’t entirely fit in with the other songs being released at the time that became pop successes.

Unfortunately, I think the music video may not have done much to help the song, either. I hadn’t watched this video in nearly 25 years, and it amazed me just how low budget it looked. There were also some effects that were being used that seemed to be trying to emulate the effects from INXS’ “What You Need” video, and this ultimately dated the video. Looking at it now, it’s easy to tell that this music video came out in the late 1980s/early 1990s. The music video just didn’t age very well.


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