Song Review: Jude Cole – “Baby It’s Tonight”

“Baby It’s Tonight” was released as a single from Jude Cole’s 1990 album, A View from 3rd Street. The single peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

I was in the ninth grade and had just turned 15 years old when this single was released. I have to admit that at the time the single was popular, I really wasn’t a fan of the song. I wasn’t sold on Jude Cole until the next single, “Time for Letting Go,” was released. I think part of my problem was just how much airplay my local radio station was giving this song at the time, in addition to the airplay the video was receiving on MTV. But after time had passed and I heard “Baby It’s Tonight” after it fell off the charts, I realized it was a much better song that I had given it credit for. It’s very catchy as long as it’s not being played to death. And Jude’s got a great voice as well, which you can hear when you listen to “Baby It’s Tonight.” And the lyrics are very relatable, so I can see why the song did as well as it did on the pop chart back in 1990.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that the music video is as good as the song. It basically intercuts footage of Jude lip-syncing the song with shots of two or three women who seem to have nothing to do with either Jude or with each other. The video feels rather random, and doesn’t really fit with what the song is talking about in the lyrics.


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