Song Review: Basia – “Cruising For Bruising”

“Cruising For Bruising” was released as the second single from Basia’s 1989 album, <em>London Warsaw New York</em> album. The single peaked at number 29 on the <em>Billboard Hot 100</em> chart. Basia wrote “Cruising For Bruising” when she perceived an eclipsing of her relationship with Danny White, who was her producer, keyboardist, and romantic partner.

I was in the ninth grade and was just about to turn 15 years old when “Cruising For Bruising” was released. I think what grabbed me with this song was the musical arrangement and Basia’s heartfelt vocal delivery. I hadn’t personally been in a romantic relationship at that point in my life, but I believed that the lyrics were believable for a relationship that was falling apart. 25 years later, I still like this song as much, if not more, than I did in 1990.

I saw the music video for the first time right before working on this blog post, because MTV never aired it at the time. It was probably deemed to be too “adult contemporary” for the hip MTV and was likely aired on sister network VH1 (which I didn’t have access to in 1990 since my local cable company didn’t carry it then). The video features Basia and Danny White as an alienated couple, and I thought the Basia’s expressions and mannerisms felt so realistic. I didn’t find out about her relationship with Danny White until after seeing the video, so now I understand why the video felt so authentic. I also thought the cinematography was pretty good on this video as well.


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