Song Review: Taylor Dayne – “I’ll Be Your Shelter”

“I’ll Be Your Shelter” was released as the third single from Taylor Dayne’s 1989 album, Can’t Fight Fate. The single was released on March 20, 1990, and peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

I was in the ninth grade and about to turn 15 years old when this single was released. This song was actually a bit of a departure for Taylor Dayne, since this was much more in the pop/rock vein than her usual dance and ballad singles. I have to admit that right when this single first came out, I wasn’t too sure about it; however, as I heard the song more, it grew on me. I think what held me back from liking this at first was some of the vocal delivery in the song, and it just took some getting used to before I could say I truly liked the song. Lyrically, it was something I could relate to, and there was nothing about it musically that was a turnoff, since I enjoy pop/rock material. From what I’ve read, Diane Warren had originally written this with Tina Turner in mind, and that Taylor Dayne got the song after Tina turned it down. This might explain why Taylor has some of the vocal delivery on some of the lines that she does.

The music video is basically Taylor Dayne lip-syncing the song the whole time. At first, she seems to be in a room of some kind, and then she later comes out onto some kind of makeshift stage and performs in front of a group of men. I’ve never entirely understood what was going on in this video, and this may have also been a factor as to why I didn’t like “I’ll Be Your Shelter’ right away as well.


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