Song Review: Brent Bourgeois – “Dare To Fall in Love”

“Dare To Fall in Love” was released as a single from Brent Bourgeois’ 1990 self-titled solo album. Prior to this album, Bourgeois had been a member of the band Bourgeois Tagg. “Dare To Fall in Love” became a minor hit for Bourgeois, but it was the only hit he had from the album.

I was 15 years old and in the ninth grade when “Dare To Fall in Love” was released. I don’t know what it was about this song that grabbed me at the time, but I really liked it. 25 years later, I can understand why I would still like it as an adult. Perhaps it was Bourgeois’ vocal delivery, combined with the musical arrangement, that grabbed me when I was 15. While “Dare To Fall in Love” is a great song, it’s not something I normally would have gravitated to as a young teenager.

I never saw the music video for “Dare To Fall in Love” on MTV when the song was receiving radio airplay, and my cable company hadn’t picked up VH1 yet, which is where the video received airplay. So I just watched the video for the first time right before working on this writeup; after seeing it, I can say that I didn’t miss much by not seeing it 25 years ago. The video looks rather strange, and I didn’t truly see how it fit with the song. To be honest, if I had seen the music video 25 years ago, I might not have liked the song as much as I did back then.


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