Song Review: SNAP! – “The Power”

“The Power” was released as the lead-off single for SNAP!’s 1990 debut album, World Power. The single was released in 1990 and peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

I was 15 years old and finishing up the ninth grade when “The Power” started gaining attention on pop radio in the United States. I was actually exposed to this song through MTV and through weekly radio countdown shows before my local Top 40 station would play it in rotation. I was hearing this song all summer, but my local Top 40 station didn’t start playing it until it was peaking on the charts around August/September of 1990. I absolutely loved the song when I heard it, because it was so upbeat, catchy, and had a hook to it. At the time, it was one of the best dance songs I’d heard that year. And to be honest, I still enjoy this song 25 years later. For a dance song, it doesn’t sound quite as dated as many of its contemporaries at the time.

The music video is more in line with a “club video,” but even then, it wasn’t nearly as bad as like say, Technotronic’s “Pump Up the Jam.” And this video works for what it’s trying to do. The video for “The Power” is a little dated, though, unlike the song itself. The main thing that dates it is the outfit being worn by one of the female vocalists; the jacket with that pattern and bright of colors definitely screams early 1990s.


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