Song Review: Sweet Sensation – “If Wishes Came True”

“If Wishes Came True” was released as the second single from Sweet Sensation’s 1990 album, Love Child. The single was released on June 14, 1990, and peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

I had already enjoyed the previous single, “Love Child,” and was familiar with the group from their previous album, Take It While It’s Hot. I admit that I was quite surprised to hear Sweet Sensation release a ballad when I first heard “If Wishes Came True” on the radio. However, I fell in love with this song instantly, and it ranked up there among my favorite songs from Summer 1990. There’s just something about the combination of the vocal delivery and the musical arrangement that grabs the listener. The lyrics are very relatable, and the vocals convince the listener that the singer means what she’s saying.

The music video fits with the mood and feel of the song, although at times, I felt the director relied a little too heavily on slowed down footage. But the video conveys a rather clear story of a woman reminiscing on a relationship that has fallen apart. The main issue the video has, though, is the fact that it looks dated. The clothing and hair styles are very obviously from the early 1990s, and the video also has an aesthetic that was popular during the early 1990s. It’s not a bad video, though. It’s just a little dated.


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