Song Review: Aerosmith – “The Other Side”

“The Other Side” was released as the fourth single from Aerosmith’s 1989 album, Pump. The single was released on June 6, 1990, and peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

I was 15 years old and finishing up the ninth grade when “The Other Side” was released as a single. I’d enjoyed the previous three singles released from the album, so it wasn’t surprising that I liked this one the first time I heard it. While it may not have been as strong of a song as the previous singles, it was still an upbeat and enjoyable track. Looking back now, I can see why this song didn’t fare as well at pop radio as the previous singles. It was the fourth single from the album, there wasn’t a lot in the musical arrangement to make it sound like more than a typical rock song, and it didn’t entirely fit in with everything else that was being played on pop radio at the time. 25 years later, I still enjoy “The Other Side,” but I’ve come to recognize that it wasn’t as strong of a song as the other singles.

The music video for “The Other Side” opens with roadies taking out what look like mannequins of the band members and getting them ready to set them up somewhere. The remainder of the video is just concert footage, and there’s no payoff with the mannequins at the end. Honestly, I always found it kind of puzzling that the section of the video with the mannequins was included in the first place. I expect that this rather lackluster music video may have also contributed to the song’s performance on the charts.


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