Song Review: Faith No More – “Epic”

“Epic” was released as a single from Faith No More’s 1989 album, The Real Thing. The single was released on January 29, 1990, and peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Epic” didn’t have its breakthough on pop until late spring/early summer of 1990. I was 15 years old and finishing up the 9th grade at the time pop radio and MTV gave it serious rotation. When I heard “Epic,” it really stood out. While it was something different being released to pop radio, it was still catchy and had a hook that was easy to remember. I have to admit that 25 years later, I still enjoy “Epic” just as much as I did when I first heard it as a teenager.

The music video for “Epic” looks rather surreal. Unfortunately, most of the effects they used in it may have looked impressive back in 1990, but now just look more cheesy than anything else. But the video sure stood out back in the day, and it was hard for a viewer to forget it once they saw it. I have to give some credit for that, even though the video doesn’t hold up quite as well as it did 25 years ago.


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