Song Review: Taylor Dayne – “Heart of Stone”

“Heart of Stone” was released as the fourth and final single from Taylor Dayne’s 1989 album, Can’t Fight Fate. The single was released on July 23, 1990, and peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

I was 15 years old and enjoying the summer between 9th and 10th grade when “Heart of Stone” was released. I liked the previous three singles released from the album, so it wasn’t surprising that I liked this one the first time I heard it. While “Heart of Stone” may not have been a ballad like “Love Will Lead You Back,” it wasn’t as uptempo as “With Every Beat of My Heart.” This song is a nice mid-tempo track with lyrics that listeners can easily relate to.

I liked this song, and was a little disappointed that it didn’t perform better on the pop chart. But looking back, the song didn’t entirely fit in with the other songs that were hitting the pop chart at that time. Also, it was the fourth single from the album, so perhaps pop radio was starting to have some fatigue when it came to Taylor Dayne. There hadn’t even been a year between the conclusion of the promotion for the previous album and the release of “With Every Beat of My Heart,” so pop radio had essentially been playing her music for a little over two years with at most a six or seven month break.

When it comes to the music video for “Heart of Stone,” I saw it for the first time right before writing this up. MTV didn’t play this music video when the single was being promoted, and I never had the chance to see it anywhere else. For many years, I had assumed that there wasn’t a music video for it, so I was quite surprised to actually find one on YouTube. After seeing it, I think I can understand why MTV chose to pass it on. It basically shows Taylor Dayne lip-syncing the song in a room that appears to have ice sculptures in it. To be honest, it’s the most boring music video I’ve seen for a Taylor Dayne song.


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