Song Review: George Michael – “Praying for Time”

“Praying for Time” was released as the lead-off single for George Michael’s 1990 album, Listen Without Prejudice. The single was released on August 13, 1990, and peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

I was 15 years old and enjoying my summer between ninth and tenth grade when “Praying for Time” was released. It’d been about two years since George Michael’s single, “Kissing a Fool,” was released from his highly successful Faith album, so anticipation was very high for something new from George Michael. While “Praying for Time” wasn’t what I had expected, I still fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. Musically, it really stood out compared to the other songs being released to pop at that time. And as a 15-year-old, I found the lyrics to be rather deep. It’s been a little over 25 years single this single was released, and I like this song just as much, if not more, than I did back in 1990. To me, “Praying for Time” is a song that doesn’t sound dated and stands the test of time. The lyrics of the song apply just as well today as they did 25 years ago.

The music video for “Praying for Time” was also different and unexpected from George Michael, and it was the first one released during the era where George didn’t want to appear in his music videos. All the video has is a black background with the lyrics to the song appearing on the screen. Honestly, even if George wasn’t going through his phase of not wanting to appear in music videos, this was probably still the best way to go about releasing a video for the song. Let the words speak for themselves.

I re-watched this video shortly before working on this blog post, and it hit me that the “Praying for Time” video could be seen as the early predecessor to the “lyric videos” that pop up on YouTube. LOL!


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