Song Review: Lisa Stansfield – “This Is the Right Time”

“This Is the Right Time” was released as a single from Lisa Stansfield’s 1989 album, Affection. In the North America, it was released as the third single for the album, during the late summer of 1990.

I was 15 years old and just starting into the 10th grade when this single was released in North America. Lisa’s previous two singles didn’t grab me right away, and it took a little bit of time before I came to like them. But with “This Is the Right Time,” I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. There was something about the musical arrangement that stood out from the previous two singles and appealed to me. When you compare “This Is the Right Time” to the other two singles from Affection, you can hear a major difference in the production and feel of the song. I think the lyrics to “This Is the Right Time” were also more relatable to me at the time. A little over 25 years later, and “This Is the Right Time” is my favorite Lisa Stansfield song, both from the Affection album and from her entire career.

My memories of the music video are rather hazy, though. Unfortunately, the only version I could find on YouTube was the UK version. While the North American version has been uploaded, it has been blocked from North American YouTube users. But I watched the UK video, and the main thing I got out of it by the end of it was one word: “blue.” There was a major emphasis on blue, to the point where there was a blue background and a bluish tint on all of the footage that appears in the video. It wasn’t a great video, but it worked for what the director was going for.


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