AeschTunes: Final Broadcast

As July of 2007 came to a close, so also the AeschTunes internet radio station came to a close. It was a long wonderful ride, but sadly, due to situations out of our control, we had to bring AeschTunes to an end.

The station ran, business as usual, until the end of the day on Sunday, July 29, 2007. As the clock passed midnight that night, we launched into a specially created final broadcast. In the course of the roughly nine hour show, we looked back over the four years the station was on the air and the six years in all that the AeschTunes chart was in existence. We also delved back into music history, paid tribute to our past radio experiences, and looked to what the future had been slated to hold.

This special program was a labor of love for us, and it meant so much to us to put together. We hope that you find this of interest, as it was our last great work for the station.

While I don’t have the actual show with all of its music and liners and voiceovers, I have put together a YouTube playlist that includes as many of the songs that aired in the final broadcast as I could find. This YouTube playlist can give you a taste of what was included in the station’s nine hour final playlist:

AeschTunes Final Broadcast


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