AeschTunes: AeschRock

AeschRock started out as a two-hour long show, but then expanded to a three-hour long program. The show celebrated rock music, past, present and future. Each week focused on one or two themes for the three-hour long time period, showcasing a broad spectrum of rock music. These themes could be focused on particular eras of rock music, particular styles of rock music, or even on particular kinds of recordings. AeschRock aired on Thursdays.

AeschRock was programmed by either my husband or myself, although there were times that we might team up to program a broadcast.

Below are links to YouTube playlists that I put together for each week of the show. Unfortunately, since some of the songs are not available on YouTube, these playlists are not complete. However, these playlists can give you a general idea for how the show sounded:



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