AeschTunes: AeschTunes Revisited

Beginning in early 2004, we made it a policy to include alternate versions of songs on our chart whenever we possibly could in our regular rotation, in order to provide a little variety to hearing the same old songs. AeschTunes Revisited was started because we felt that these alternate versions deserved to be given their shot in the spotlight.

AeschTunes Revisited originally started airing on Wednesdays, but around seven months into its run, the show moved to Tuesdays. On this show, we revisited songs of our current and past charts (and even songs from earlier) in alternate forms. These could be remixes, or they could be live performances, demos, or acoustic renditions. Each week has a song that was designated as our “Classic Pick of the Week” – a track that we felt deserved special attention, usually from the pre-chart days. When the show first started, it only ran for an hour. But after enough of a song library had been built up, AeschTunes Revisited became a two-hour show.

My husband was responsible for programming AeschTunes Revisited, with the aid of a playlist generator program.

Below are links to YouTube playlists that I put together for each week of the show. Unfortunately, since some of the songs are not available on YouTube, these playlists are not complete. However, these playlists can give you a general idea for how the show sounded:

This is the point where AeschTunes Revisited moved from Wednesdays to Tuesdays, and this was also the point that the show expanded from one hour to two hours:


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